MotoGP 2013

by Vito Caresimo 11/5/2016

I was lucky enough to pick this up in the steam sale on May 2nd 2016 for just £2.24! At time of writing the price has now gone up to £14.99. This must be one of the best bargains I've ever had. Motogp is a PC Simulator for motorbike racing. I must admit this game is so much fun and caters for beginners to pro on and see why!

motogp1        motogp2

Motogo13 is the oficial MotoGP™ simulator and includes various modes like  Career Mode which lets you rise from a Moto3™ wildcard to the MotoGP™ World Champion or challenge your friends in Split Screen or Online Championship.

All the 2013 riders, teams and tracks are included. It includes both simulation and accessible bike handling with a number of aids to help you get the best experience. You also get a TV style interface and presentation by official MotoGP commentators.

When launching the game you are presented with a few simple options. You can select from a number of languages, congifure your graphics, audio and updates as well as your network settings. All simple and straightforward, not overdone with insame amount of options you get lost as in some games.

picture of option screen here.

On pressing the PLAY button the game starts to load with an impressive intro screen and this sets the mood to get on your bike and race!

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