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Bus Simulator 16

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Bus Simulator 16


Developer: Stillalive Studios

Publisher: Astragon

Price (as of Jan 2018): £19.99

Initial Release: 2nd March 2016


Bus Simulator 16 is a bus simulator with a storyline. You take over a bus company from a chap who is retiring and are then responsible for building up your company. This includes creating routes and being responsible fort buying new buses. There are 5 city districts for you to drive in which you have to unlock and around 13 buses you can drive. Although not a hardcore simulator like OMSI 2 it is still fun. Multiplayer is also included


The graphics are a bit cartoon like and not as polished as OMSI. However we noticed no apparent slowdown on our test system.


Sound is good, buses sound like buses, the passengers also provide feedback on your driving. Sounds of the doors opening, the brakes being applied all sound realistic.

Menus and Options

Menus are nice and simple and it’s easy to navigate around. Support for wheels and joypads but crucially no support for TRACKIR so you have to allocate keys or use the mouse to look around which can be a pain especially when you are driving a bus! Control setup is much easier then OMSI and simple to configure your preferred controls.


A tutorial is included to help you get to grips with the buses. Also the sim is very helpful in game directing you to what you need to do next. Unfortunately no force feedback is available so it sometimes feels unreal when you are driving as it’s too smooth as you don’t encounter any bumps etc. on the road. The career mode allows longevity as it enables you to unlock new districts and earn money to be able to buy new buses. You can also customise your buses and change the colours as well as add decals

Additional Information

NO TRACKIR, No Force Feedback, Good support for Wheels and controllers


Although fun, this falls in between a game and a sim. We say this because of the lack of force feedback and TRACKIR support. You don’t drive a bus in real life without any force feedback or use a mouse to look left and right. If these were included in future versions then this would make it a real competitor to OMSI. However in its current form if you want to drive a bus without all the complexity of OMSI this is for you.

Video Review

click below to watch our video review on Bus Simulator 16

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