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Developer: MR-Software GbR

Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH

Price (as of Jan 2018): £26.99

Initial Release: Feb 2011

Omsi 2 is regarded by many as the best Bus Simulator for the PC. The base game comes with a fictional Map called Spandau. Other routes are available as DLC's and include Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Mallorca,Bremen-Nord and many more including additional buses too. In all there are bout 31 DLCs available. OMSI can be bought in sales but it's never very cheap and always around the base price. DLCs can range from Free to £23.79.


The game can also be quite CPU intensive, as far as we know it doesn’t make use of SLI and can crash occasionally. However despite this it is still by far the best bus sim on the market. The buses are well detailed with a fully clickable cockpit. However even with our test system of I7 with 32MB Ra, , SSD Drive and dual Geforce 980 cards it still sometimes pauses when driving.


Sound is great in OMSI, the engines of the buses are accurately represented here. Buttons, switches, doors and even the sound of the driver’s window opening sound just like real life.

Menus and Options

The interface and menus are okay but seem a little dated. The controls setup can be quite confusing, for example if you want to allocate a button to a command you have to scroll down a large list of other functions rather than just search for it. Also some of the actions in the button list seem to have been left over from development and don’t seem to make much sense. Another area which can be improved is the options for starting a game. Currently you select a route then you have to select a bus and timetable. Would be a lot easier if you had options for driving a specific route then you select a route from a list like in World of Subways 4. It can get confusing knowing which destination to put on your bus and what to program in your route computer called the IBIS.


Apart from the minor issues above, once you get going the gameplay is very good. The passengers are a bit zombie like and there are multiple copies of passengers or there are a lot of twins in OMSI. The buses drive well and you can select various ticketing modes. If you don’t want to bother with the ticketing you can use an option where you don’t have to worry about it. AI traffic on the whole is quite clever and doesn’t do stupid things like crash into you or stop in the middle of the road.

Driving routes is great fun but if you want to make the most of a career and multiplayer then there is an add on available which allows you to do this in more depth called “Bus Company Simulator” or “Busbetrieb-Simulator”.

Another positive is the large number of detailed buses you can drive from double deckers to single decker buses. Additional buses are also available via DLC. 

Additional Information

TrackIR support is included.


By far the best bus simulator for PC but there are areas for improvement, the menus, control setup and game modes can be improved to give a more easier to use and polished look. However this simulator is highly recommended.

Video Review

click below for our video review of OMSI 2