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Review by Vito Caresimo 7/5/2016.

Ride is a  Motorbike Racing Simulator released in March 2015. On starting up Ride you are presented with some easy options to configure the game. I say easy becuase it's not overloaded with options just enough for you to get goind, some games like Elite have so many options you spend most of your time when you first get the games trying to figure out what to set and adjust! So its great to have just the options you need to get you up and running quickly. At time of writing this game is on sale on Steam for just £7.99! down from 29.99. http://store.steampowered.com/app/345660


ridecover  rideboots


There are a multitude of game modes, lots of bikes to choose from , and you can even customise your biker's look by selecting from a buge selection of helmets, gloves, boots!

The fine detail of the simulator also allows you to even adjust you posture when turning, where you put your leg when slow down as well as even selecting from a number of celebrations when you win!



The are also downloandable content which includes more bikes, currently on steam they have the following DLC's


Yamaha Historical Bikes
Top Bikes Pack 1
Top Bikes Pack 2
Yamaha 2015 Bike Models

Game Modes are plentiful, you have the World Tour mode which allows you to have a career, winning races earns you credits which you can use to upgrade your bike, buy more clothing and accessroies or even a new bike. You can only enter certain events if you have the right bike so you need to work for it!

There is also a World Ranking and some events require you to be a certain rank before you enter, more incentive for you to keep on playing the game.

ridetracklist  rideb1

As with most racing games these days, online multiplayer is available allowing you to test your skills against human opponents too, again increasing the longetivity of the game.

For motorcycle racing begginers you are helped out with a riding tutorial which takes you through some of the various levels you can use. Standard, Semi-Pro and Pro. Standard has AI assistance for example help with brakes, Semi-Pro has fewer aids and Pro is the ghardest with little or no aids!

You also have the suggested line like you have in other racing games to help judge your breaking distances and where best to turn into to take the corners.

Starting a race allows you to set up your bike where you can adjust a variety of bike settings like gear ratios etc to help you fine tune your bike fror the track you are racing on.

You have 4 camera views you can use to race from behind close, behind far, helmet view and handlebars view. The handle bars view is hard as when you lean your bike the screen moves as if you were really moving your head and leaning over! Frame rates are good, I didnt encounter much stuttering however I do feel the MotoGP 2013 was a lot more fluid , but this may improve with future patches and updates. 


Great selection of tracks including some favourites like Imola and even a selection of street ciruits.

The AI racers are good, they didnt seem to deliberately ride into you and even on easy level put a good challenge. Its a great feeling when you are racing side to side with another bike as top speeds. In fact awesome!

As mentioned the AI has various difficulty levels to suit your level. To summarise this is one of the best Motorcycle Games for the PC, tons of details and options. The fine details too make this stand out, things such as being able to even adjust the bikers posture and purchase various helmets and other accessories.

Motogp series a very close competitor, but this game is newer and is sure to be kept udpated. I highly recommend it and currently at time of writing this review is on sale at Steam down from £29.99. to £7.99!

PCsimulators.org score 8/10



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