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Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

Category: Racing Car Simulator

Developer: Kunos Simulazione 

Publisher: 505 Games

Price (as of Jan 2018): £22.99

Initial Release: 19th December 2014


Assetto Corsa is regarded by many as the best racing simulator on the PC. Why you may ask? Across the forums a lot of people rate the physics model of this racing sim. It is reasonably priced too at £22.99 and sometimes you can get it in the Steam sales for about £9.19! It was first released at the end of 2014 and as many DLCs are also available to expand the game. It boasts a career mode, challenges, multiplayer and a large selection of tracks and cars. Another positive for this sim is that it supports modding and therefore you are able to add cars created by other people. Plenty of resources for downloading mods for Assetto Corsa are available online and there is a large community to help out too


The graphics are stunning, an amazing amount of options are available for you to fine tune the graphics. The cars look amazing, with reflections, lighting and attention to detail make this simulator ultra realistic. Cockpits are accurately modelled and the tracks look just like their real life counterparts.


Cars sound differently as they should depending on which car you choose, they haven't just used one engine sound for all cars. The screeching of the breaks, the noise of the bumps as you fly over them are all realistically modelled.

Menus and Options

Simplicity in the menus makes this sim easy to use. Clear and well laid out you are easily able to navigate to your preferred option. Plenty of support for major controllers and wheels as well as TRACKIR. Controls setup is easy and a wizard is included to help you configure and fine tune you preferred controller. Force feedback is also included which is a must in car simulation!


The cars drive like you would expect, the physics model is as they say one of the best if not the best out there for PC. A career option is included as well as multiplayer and various challenges. Plenty to keep the racing sim enthusiast busy. When we looked at this sim there was no online championship mode or hot lap or leader board as in F1 2017 or Project Cars as part of the base game. You can get addons which allow you to do this and record you best lap times etc.

Additional Information



One of the best racing games ever made for PC, good controller support, awesome graphics, great physics. Minor negative is the lack of built in organised online championships or fastest lap leader board. Other than that if you are looking for a racing simulator this is highly recommended!


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