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Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally

Category: Racing Car Simulator

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters 

Price (as of Jan 2018): £39.99

Initial Release: 7th Deember 2015


This is the best rally game out there in our opinion. Just look at the steam reviews and other reviews and you will see what we mean. It includes officially licensed World Rallycross content. It has over 40 cars from past to present day and 6 rallies with around 70 stages!


Although the graphics are not as good as Assetto Corsa , Raceroom or Project Cars they are still very good. Smooth gameplay and excellent frame rates were achieved with our test system. 


Engines sounds are authentic, the splash of water as you drive through it, the brakes screeching. Great atmosphere and sounds.

Menus and Options

One of the easiest menus in all the racing games. Simple to follow and setup your game. Force feedback and TRACKIR supported as is Oculus VR Support!


One of the best racing simulators we have played. The physics model does a great job of bringing the feeling of racing a rally car across different surfaces to the PC. As well as being able to participate in a rally championship you can take part in single stages or multistage events. 

You can choose from a large selection of cars from modern day to older cars. Track locations include North Wales, Monaco, Greece, Sweden and Finland. You can also create your own leagues and manage a team where you can hire crew members which help to tune your car for victory! Also daily challenges and monthly challenges add another option to a wealth of option already there. 

Additional Information

TrackIR, Oculus Rift and Force Feedback Supported


Simply one of the Top 3 Racing Simulators fo all time in our opinion. Realistic, Plenty of options, Plenty of Fun and if you are a racing fan you should take a look at this awesome simulator! This is our Number 1 rally Game.

Video Review

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