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Category: Racing Car Simulator

Developer: Iracing.com Motorsports simulation 

Publisher: Iracing.com Motorsports simulation

Price (as of Jan 2018): Subscription Based

1 month : $13

3 months : $33

1 year : $110

2 years : $ 199.00

Initial Release: 26th August 2008


Iracing is the ultimate online racing simulator. If you want to race humans in a competitive way then this is the sim for you. Lots and lots of stats are recorded, your race victories, fastest laps, positions in races and even replays can be saved of your races. You start at rookie level and work your way up through the ranks getting new ranks as you progress. Iracing is great competition but it very expensive. In addition you are limited to a few cars at rookie level and have to prove yourself before you are allowed dot race bigger and faster cars. This all depends on your license and safety rating. If you crash a lot or cause deliberate crashes your safety rating goes down and it will take you longer to progress to bigger and faster cars. The downside to this is that even if you drive safely and other cars hit you sometimes it affects your safety rating and this could lengthen the amount of time it takes for you to get to the higher ranks.


Graphics are okay but not exceptional, in our opinion nowhere as good as Assetto Corsa, Raceroom or Project Cars.


Sound is good and all the sounds you would expect from a racing simulator are there, engine revs, crashes, wipers etc all authentic

Menus and Options

Very easy interface, the controller setup was great, the wizard takes you through calibrating your wheel and all the other options for setting up the sim are easy to find and configure. The only negative is that as it uses a web browser to start the game sometimes this may get stuck when entering a session so you have to re login or reload the page.


Very tough to win even on the lower levels, we managed to win a few races and you do get a great sense of achievement when you cross that line in 1st place! The competition is tough and you cant make many mistakes, no pausing of the game is allowed as of course its multiplayer so you have to have total concentration to win! Sometimes there are idiots who deliberately cause crashes, one guy actually waited for us to go round then deliberately smashed into us. That's the downside of online play. As the saying goes there;s always one!

Additional Information

TRACKIR supported , Force Feedback supported.


The great advantage this has over its rivals is the online championships and statistics. It is also been rumoured that many famous real life race drivers also compete on Iracing! It does take a long time to get to race other cars and sometimes it feels as your stuck on a mazda mx5 for ever as this is one of the starting cars. This can be frustrating especially as it is expensive to take part in iracing. The safety rating is a good idea but sometimes this can work against you as the system cannot accurately work out whose fault it was in a crash and sometimes you are penalised when it was  the fault of someone else! There is an appeal system which we tried to use but found it quite lacking

Video Review

click below to watch a race we participated in online