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Raceroom Racing Experience

Raceroom Racing Experience

Category: Racing Car Simulator

Developer: Sector 3 Studios

Publisher: Raceroom Entertainment AG

Price (as of Jan 2018): FREE

Initial Release:12th February 2013


A racing simulator which offers single and multiplayer modes. A large variety of cars to drive and many tracks available to drive them on. Some are free , some require purchase. As well as the usual modes ther are also many sponsored competitons you can participate in and some free to play events allow you to enjoy premium content at no cost.


In our opinion one of the best looking racing sims currently on the market. On our test system we encountered no slowdowns or crashes. So stable and smooth gameplay.


Sounds accurately represent racing cars and no negatives to report here

Menus and Options


Put simply this is a racing simulator. Free to play with the option of purchasing additional tracks and cars. Single player and multiplayer modes allow you to race series like DTM, WTCC, ADAC and GT masters. Some of the cars you are able to drive include cars from BMW, Mercedes Audi , Chevrolet, Ford , Mclaren and  Volvo to name a few! With regards to single player, we found that sometimes the AI can be a bit stupid and crash into you or not yield when trying to pass them.

Additional Information

Force Feedback and TrackIR Support


Raceroom is a great way to get into simulator racing for a variety of reasons. Firstly its free, they claim its also used by professional drivers, the graphics are great, single player and online modes, support for TRACKIR, support for Force Feedback, 65+ cars, 20+ Tracks. Although not all tracks or cars are free you can try before you buy too. In our opinion one of the best racers, cheaper than iracing as its free, also it allows you to race any car rather than having to wait and increase your safety ranking like iracing.One of our top 3 racing simulators here at pcsimulators.org.

Video Review

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