Diesel Electric-Hybrid 60ft


Following over thousand solo buses, 150 articulated buses were ordered in 2008 with the familiar outside shaping (facelift design would have been available). Resulting from a loss of founds, all buses are leased for $13.4 million per year.

5 garages including Kedzie received the new articulated hybrid-drive buses numbered 4000-4149. The hybrid drivetrain was tested in 20 solo buses in the previous years. Axle and interior design is slightly different from the solo buses, but the biggest difference is the two-mode parallel hybrid drive with variable transmission.
Besides that, technical systems are similiar to the solo buses.

58 additional buses were delivered later with new seat and interior lighting design (not available in OMSI).




Technical data:

Length: 61 ft 8 in
Width: 8 ft 6 in
Width over mirrors: 10 ft 4 in
Height: 10 ft 9 in

Empty weight: 43604 lbs
Gross weight: 63756 lbs

Seats: 54

Engine: Diesel 6-cylinder, 345 HP (257 kw), torque: 1559 Nm at 1300 rpm, max rpm: 2100
Transmission: Variable 2-mode hybrid automatic

Max. speed: 60 mph (governed)