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DCS World /Digital Combat Simulator

DCS World / Digital Combat Simulator

Category: Combat Flight Simulator
Developer: Eagle Dynamics
Publisher: The Fighter Collection
Price (as of Jan 2018) : FREE
Initial Release: 17th October 2008


Air combat simulator which features real life terrain and mainly aircraft including WW2, Modern day Jets and Helicopters


Arguably the best of any flight simulator both combat and non combat. Simply amazing attention to detail. Cockpits are modelled to an immense amount of detail, lighting and explosion effects to blow you away, aircraft exteriors texture to an extremely high standard. DCS is truly one of the best simulators of all in terms of graphics.


Like the graphics, the sounds reflect their real world counterparts. When flying a jet you can hear the engines ripping through the air at high speeds or if you are flying a world war 2 aircraft the sound of the piston engines driving the propellers through the atmosphere. Simply put , no fault at all with the sounds they are majestic!

Menus and Options

Easy layout, able to select missions and configuration options easily. Not overly complex but not over simple either, just the right balance.


If you want to experience combat simulation then this is the ultimate simulator. You can select a mission, play a campaign or even take part in multiplayer action. The base game is FREE and comes with 2 aircraft. The SU-25 Frogfoot and the TF-51D. Many high quality DLC aircraft can be purchased via DLC. DCS World comes with a free map of the Caucasus region, but you can also gain access to other maps including the Nevada Test and Training Range, Normandy 1944, and the Strait of Hormuz.

Additional Information

Supports TrackIR.


DCS world is Free which is a major plus. The attention to detail in this simulator is unreal. In addiction the best helicopter flight model of any other combat simulator. From our experience. With the Normandy Map now also available you can fly over WW2 scenarios as well as modern day ones. The DLC's can be expensive but ther are sales where you can get them for a very decent price. DCS World was voted best simulator by our community and the best Helicopter Simulator went to the DCS Huey from Belsimtek. For more on these statistics check the results of the polls here.