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Falcon BMS

Falcon BMS

Category: Combat Flight Simulator
Developer: Benchmarksims
Publisher: Benchmarksims
Price (as of Jan 2018) : FREE (But requires the original Falcon 4 to work)
Initial Release: Falcon 4.0 originally released in 1998


Its a combat flight simulator which features many various aircraft and not just the Falcon. It started out as a mod for Microprose's Falcon 4.

To run Falcon BMS you do require the original Falcon 4 but this can easily be purchased via Steam or GOG.


The developers have done an immense job in converting the original game. The graphics are really top notch and include a 3D Cockpit. The graphics are as good as a lot of payware flight simulators currently on the market and in some cases better! Falcon BMS is also 64 bit meaning better use of large amounts of RAM.


Sounds of explosions and aircraft engines sound authentic.

Menus and Options

Can look a bit dated but surprisingly straight forward and easy to navigate.


Despite being called Falcon there are a number of flyable aircraft in the game including the F-16, F/A 18 Hornet, A10A, A10C, Tornado, F-15 Eagle, JAS-37 Viggen. Other aircraft which are not as detailed as the the above also include Mig29, F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom. So a very respectable list of aircraft. In addition the flight model is very good in comparison to other simulators. The game is feature rich and includes both single player missions as well as multiplayer scenarios. 3D cockpits are also available as is dynamic weather and ATC. 

Additional Information

Supports TrackIR and we also tested the CH Fighterstick, CH Pedals and Throttle and no issues at all with setting them up.At the time of writing this article Falcon 4 is about £4.99 from the steam store. Click here to go to the store page for Falcon 4.0.


A great air combat simulator for a small price for Falcon 4.0.  Download and installation is not as easy as installing a game from steam. It's not difficult but it is recommend you follow the instructions. Visit the official site to get the documentation here to here some more info.


Falcon BMS was feature in our air combat flight simulator video which you can view by clicking the below image