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Aerofly FS2

Aerofly FS 2

Category: Flight Simulator

Developer: IPACS

Publisher: IPACS

Price (as of Jan 2018):£44.99

Initial Release: 20th November 2017

Explore the world flying various fixed wing aircraft acroos a number of highly detailed sceneries.

We've been following Aerofly FS2 since early access and the graphics for this simulator are easily in the top 3. Hugely impressive visuals. Flying over New York looks nearly realistic, flying over Switzerland and looking at the snow capped mountains just looks absolutely stunning! On our test system despite running at maximum resolution wee noticed no slowdown.

Sound of the engines sound like their real life counterparts. No major problems with the sound effect at all.

Menus and Options
Menus are slick and easy to look at as well as being very effective in navigating to where you want to be, The aircraft selection screen is smooth and allows you to see the aircraft in glorious 3D before selecting one to fly.
controls easy to set up and display options nice and easy to configure.

Flying aircraft in Aerofly is enjoyable, no stuttering of frame rates, smooth, the views out of the window are simply amazing. The downside at the moment is that there are not as many locations as you will find in other simulators. It is growing all the time so hopefully this will be extended. The camera views are plentiful and you can enjoy your flight from various camera angles.

Additional Information
64Bit so no issues with memory usage. Makes use of modern day graphics cards to provide stunning visuals. A number of DLCs are available and some are offered FREE. TrackIR supported and controller support is good. ORBx who develop sceneryfor FSX and P3D have now also started to develop scenery for Aerofly FS 2, another huge positive for this title.

One of the best looking flight simulators to be developed. One of our favourites. Hopefully the scenery will grow as it is currently a lot less than its competitors, also no helicopters are currently featured int he sim which we think needs to be addressed.

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