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FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

FSX Steam (Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition)

Category: Flight Simulator

Developer: Microsoft Studios, Dovetail Games

Publisher: Dovetail Games

Price (as of Jan 2018):£19.99

Initial Release: 13th October 2006

Fly a variety of aircraft both fixed wing and helicopters across the world.

This title was released way back in 2006 by Microsoft so the graphics out of the box can look a bit dated. They used DX9 and DX10 technologies. However FSX has a huge amount of payware and freeware addons. Some of these addons greatly enhance and improve the graphics. You simply look at OrbX scenery and PMDG aircraft to see what improvements to graphics these addons do to the base game.

Sound is authentic, all the sounds you would expect from a major flight sim. Some addons add extra sounds like pilots talking etc/

Menus and Options
Despite its age, the menus are still very easy to use and get to where you want. Options are easy to understand, some setting like videos setting can be a little over complex for the beginner to know what to adjust to get the best performance. However as FSX is so well supported its easy to look up guides on the net.

Missions and tutorials are included which really help new users to go over the basics. Flights are easy to set up, just a matter of selecting your aircraft then the start and destinations. The map is not great and does look dated. It's claimed there are around 24000 airports so plenty of destinations to keep you busy! FSX steam edition also offers players a connected world and they can choose to do various tasks like pilots co-pilot or air traffic controllers. The steam version also now includes Red Bull Air race courses.

Additional Information
32Bit so cannot access huge amounts of RAM, TrackIR supported, Good Support for many controllers, Huge community and addons.

As this title is now over 10 years old a lot of the graphics depend on the CPU and having a great graphics cards doesn't help that much. Its also a 32 but application which means that if you have huge amounts of RAM it wont make much difference as 32GB applications can only access 4GB of that memory. The great thing about FSX is the support and community it has. There is so much out there to add to the base game which makes this sim still a might contender in the flight simulator category.


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