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P3D/ Prepar3D

Prepar 3D / P3D
Category: Flight Simulator

Developer: Lockheed Martin

Publisher: Laminar Research

Price (as of Jan 2018)
Academic :$59.95
Professional : $199.00
Professional Plus : $2300.00
Professional Developer : $9.95 per month
Pro Plus Developer : $19.95 per month

Initial Release: tbc

Prepar 3D is a flight simualtor which allows you to fly numerous aircraft around the world.

Highly detailed cockpits and aircraft. Scenery looks great. Since moving to 64 Bit platform less out of memory errrors on higher detail graphics.

No negatives here, sounds are authentic, propellers slicing through the air sound realistic and the jet enginess scream as they accelerate for take off.

Menus and Options
Similar to P3D v3, simple options, very similar to FSX. Some setting for beginners may seem a little confusing for example what settings to use to get the best performance. Setting up a flight however is easy enough, select your aircraft, select your start point, select you destination and you're more or less ready to fly!

Select a plane take off and see the world. As you would expect from Lockheed Martin, the flight physics are very good, the cockpits are detailed and functional. Weather also is simualate. Everything you would expect from a simualtor. Its not an arcade game so you need ot learn the systems to get the best out of this simualtor.
Helicopter simulation however is not great, we didn't feel that the helicopters were as realistic as X-Plane, DCS or Flightgear. If you are looking for helicopter flight simulation then either look at X-plane or Flightgear for non combat flight simulator or for combat flight simulation DCS is one of the best simulators for helicopter flight.

Additional Information
Versions of P3D prior to 4 were 32Bit meaning that it was not the most efficient use of memory. For example if you had 16GB only 4GB would be used as that is how 32bit applications work. Also we found on v3 that if we had PMDG aircraft loaded and high settings for graphics we would encounter out of memory errors which were extremely frustrating. v4 has greatly improved this and we have to say we have not encountered any out of memory errors.

We believe that P3D is up there in the top 2 civilian flight simulators. With a company like Lockheed Martin behind them it is easy to see why their flight simulators are realistic. With excellent addon aircraft available from PMDG and Flightsimlabs as well as scenery from ORBX and a huge amount of addons its hard not to consider P3D as a choice for your flight simulator

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