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What’s behind the name Carenado?
Carenado means “gear fairing” in Spanish. It is a name related to aviation and aerodynamics.

How long has Carenado been developing for flight simulators?

We starting on 2001, that´s 16 years ago. We started developing aircraft for FS2000

below - FS2000, they year Carenado starting developing aircraft


Which flight simulators do Carenado now support?

We are developing aircraft for FSX, P3D v 2.4/v3.0/v4.0, X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. And we still have FS2004 aircraft for sale in our page.

How many aircraft have you now developed over the years?
I don’t have the exact number of aircraft developed but I am pretty sure that we are over 100.

Do Carenado develop helicopters?
No, we have not developed any helicopter, but our brother company Alabeo has.

Any Plans to add helicopters?
No, we don’t have plans. At least in the short/mid term.

What’s in the pipeline for future aircraft releases?
We are developing several aircraft at this time. Among those I can talk are these: F50, S340 and the D18. You can check them in our incoming section at our webpage.

  • carenadod18c.jpg
  • carenadof50d.jpg
  • carenadof50c.jpg
  • carenados340djpg.jpg
  • carenadod18b.jpg
  • carenados340ejpg.jpg
  • carenados340bjpg.jpg
  • carenados340cjpg.jpg
  • carenadod18e.jpg
  • carenados340ajpg.jpg
  • carenadof50b.jpg
  • carenadod18a.jpg
  • carenadof50e.jpg
  • carenadof50a.jpg
  • carenadof50f.jpg
  • carenados340gjpg.jpg
  • carenados340fjpg.jpg

Any plans to develop for Aerofly FS2, DCS and Flight Sim World?
We are evaluating the option of FSW, but we have not decided yet. We have to check the market. Our philosophy is providing our aircraft to the massive platforms. If we detect that one of these platform becomes popular we certainly will include it in our plans.We don´t have plans for Aerofly or DCS for now.

What tools are used to make the aircraft?
3D popular tools for modelling and painting the aircraft. Regular C/C++ compiler for complex avionics.

Do pilots test the aircraft?
Yes, of course. All our aircraft are tested by real pilots. In most of the cases aircraft are tested by pilots of each particular aircraft.

Pilots are used inthe testing of Carenando aircrafts (below for illustration only)


How long does it take to develop an aircraft on average?
It depends on several factors, but on average takes between 4 to 6 months

Which simulator is the easiest to work with?
I would say that all of them have the same level of complexities, but in different aspects. The mayor problem is dealing with different version of one simulator.

Which aircraft took the longest?
I just remember that those which took much more time than we previously thought: C90 King Air and the H850XP.

c90 king air H850XP

Which flight simulator impresses you the most?
Difficult question, but depends on each feature. For example, in term of flight physics, I would say that FSX/P3D is very good, but in term of the environment (lights, shados and reflexes) X-Plane 11 is very good.

What is your favorite aircraft you have developed?

The next one, the F50.

Many Thanks to Carenado for takling time to speak to PCSimulators.org.

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