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IPACS - the makers of Aerofly FS2 interview

What is Aerofly FS2 ?

PCsimulators.org have been keenly following the development of this next gen flight sim. We were initially blown away by the quality of its photorealistic graphics when we first saw an advert for it on youtube. After that we decided to investigate further and boy we were not disappointed. 

IPACS are the developers of this in development sim and already have a number of products to their name including Aerofly FS (the first), Aerofly RC7 about radio controlled flight simulation. We have to mention that IPACS have always been very cooperative, responsive and always make time to reply to any questions. We are very impressed with their customer service and Press relations. Dr Torsten Hans of IPAC kindly took some time to talk to pcsimulators.org about the development of one of the best flight simulators on the market. Read on to see what he had to say.

Q. How long has aerofly 2 been in development ?

A. up to now we have been developing for 5 years

Q. A lot of people are asking for helicopters, will they be added to Aerofly FS2 ?

A. They will eventually come, but sorry, we can't say any date yet.

Q. When do you think it will be out of early access ?
A. We will move out of Early Access this year.

below : video review of Aerofly FS2

aeroflyfs2 video review

Q. Do any pilots get involved in testing the flight model ?
A. Oh yes, we have at least over 5 people who are real world pilots that give us Feedback and let me tell you, so far they are extremely happy.


Q. The graphics are fantastic, does Aerofly use SLI mode ? 
A. No, Aerofly does not use SLI at all.


Q. Orbx have made some scenery, will they be adding more to FS2?
A. Yes, we do intend to increase our relationship with Orbx.

below video review of ORBX Chicago for Aerofly FS2

aeroflyfs2 video review chicago orbx

Q. Who designed the flight model ? 
A. Its an in house development. 

Q. How many aircraft do you think will be available in the final release ?
A. Well, moving out of Early Access does not mean there won't be any more airplanes. We will definitely add more airplanes even after early access, and we already have some fantastic new stuff.

Q. Currently you have Switzerland and USA scenery , what other cities are in the pipeline ?
A. We will add more airports from the USA real soon and we have intentions to work on European airports next year.

Below video review of New York Scenery for Aerofly FS2

aerofly new york review

Q. A lot of flight sims have no career mode , xplane , fsx , P3D and flighgear don’t have one, will you be including such an option ?
A. Yes, a career mode is interesting. But we have a few other important features on our list that we want to finish first.


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