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PCSimulators.org & PCHelicopters.com interview ORBX

ORBX - It's a name associated with photo realistic scenery for the major flight simulators. They add extreme realism to the default scenery included with most major flight simulators. Orbx produces products like FTX Global Base pack which gives you brand new textures and autogen for the entire planet! Then there is FTX Global Vector which accurately shows coastlines, rivers,lakes , motorways and other details.  FTX OpenLC packages enhance land class and textures providing more accuracy. Added to these simulator enhancing packages Orbx also creates scenery for various regions like England, Germany, Wales, Ireland and more which further add extra details like world famous buildings, airports and more. Check out the slideshows on this page to get an idea of what these scenery packs are like.

ORBX now supports the major simulators including FSX, P3D, Aerofly FS2 and soon to come X-Plane. Ok so enough of the introduction, PCSimulators.org and PChelicopters.com spoke to Orbx to find out more about this innovative company. Read on and see what they have to say about their company, current and future products and how they work!

Who chose the name Orbx and why?
John Venema, the CEO and founder.

How many in the team ?
Around 60, including our testing team

Aerofly has now been added to the simulators you provide scenery for, we at PCSImulators think it’s a great simulator and see big things for it, what do you guys think of Aerofly 2?

We have found a development partner in IPACS with the same ideals, passion and professionalism as the Orbx team so look forward to working with them. We will be porting over many of over products over the next 12 months.

below watch videos of the ORBX chicago and Innsbruck scenery addons for Aerofly FS2. (click images to view video)

orbxchicagomeigsfield  aeroflyinnsbruck
P3DV4 has been released what is the opinion of you guys on this new 64 Bit Version ?
We love it. A great platform for developing.

In all what simulators do you now support?
FSX, all versions of P3D, AFS2 and XPlane in the near future

What sort of tools do you use in making the scenery ?
3DS Max, Photoshop, GlobalMapper, ADE, SBX

How long does the scenery take to develop from start to finish?
Varies, but the average is 4-6 months

What’s your favourite simulator to work with ?

Which simulator is the easiest to work with when creating scenery ?
FSX, but we are adapting to P3Dv4 to make use of the advanced features in it's SDK

below video showing ORBX for FSX including FTX Global, Global Vector, OpenLC Europe and FTX EU Wales. (click image to view video)


What’s in the pipeline for Orbx, what can we expect in the near future ?
Completing OpenLC series, new CityScapes beginning with Gold Coast Australia, Netherlands Photoreal


There are rumours you are also developing for X-plane, can you tell us about any X-plane projects in the pipe line?

I can only confirm KCGX at the moment, we will have preview screens soon once our testers get access to the final build.


How many cities do you know have in your inventory across all the sims?
Too many to count!

Which is the most popular scenery?
Global, followed by TreesHD.

What sims do you guys use yourselves?
P3Dv4 mainly, followed by FSX

How old is the company ?
11 years

PCSimulators.org & PCHelicopters.com  thanks Orbx for their time in speaking to us. 


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