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The Razbam interview

by Vito Caresimo

Another exclusive for PCSimulators.org. We talk to RAZBAM simulations, they are soon to release the awesome AV-8B harrier for DCS world. Everyone is eargely awaiting this new module, but who are Razbam ? Find out more about the team and read on!



Q. What does Razbam stand for ?

A. RAZBAM is an acronym of my name, RonAld ZamBrAno M., in reality it was supposed to be Radzamb but somehow my 1st publisher screw it up in some sort and it came as RAZBAM, curiously, the name stuck, and here we are.

Q. How long have you been doing aircraft for simulators?

A. Since 2002 with our 1st commercial product being released in June 2003 (yup that´s 15 years now)


Q. How many in the team ?

A. Currently RAZBAM embodies 9 talented developers in 6 countries


Q. Who tests the aircraft ?

A. One of our key points is that i always look for those who either had experience in the real aircraft or are currently flying the real deal, also i tend to go personal on each of our projects, do an extensive research and study with those who went or are personal with the actual aircraft, and test the simulated version.


Q. What platforms do you develop for e.g. FSX/X-Plane ?

A. When i 1st started, it was FS9 and CFS2 all over the place, then we evolved into FSX, CFS3 never made the cut, so (being myself a huge combat sim aficionado) I tested the Strike Fighters Project one waters (and met absolutely amazing people), eventually the SFp1 tittles began to lag in time and FSX got shut down, it was P3D time until we finally moved to DCSW which is where we look forward for a long development relationship.


Q. What aircraft projects are you currently working on ?

A. Ah!, you got me there, all i can say in public is that we are currently working in the MiG-19P, the A-29B Supertucano and 2 more titles i can´t disclose currently all for the DCSW platform


Q. The harrier is an iconic aircraft, can you tell us more on this project ?

A. In the personal level, I’ve always have a warm spot in my heart for the harrier, after watching so many Falkland’s war documentaries, and reading commander Ward´s book about it, then Desert Storm happened and the AV-8B went to war, it has been one of my favourite planes of all time, and at the same time, i love challenges that´s why we did a FSX version with our very unique solution to vector thrust in a sim engine that simply does not have such capacity, so we delivered what i 
believed back then to be one of the most accurate renditions for any MSFS tittle ever, sure some hated it, some loved it, just like the real aircraft. 

  • 7.jpg
  • 19.jpg
  • 11.jpg
  • 4.jpg
  • 23.jpg
  • 5.jpg
  • 20.jpg
  • 9.jpg
  • 6.jpg
  • 3.jpg
  • 12.jpg
  • 15.jpg
  • 10.jpg
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  • 8.jpg
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  • 2.jpg
  • 14.jpg

There was/is so many material gathered for that project, that it was just a matter of time for it to evolve into a DCSW module. DSCW is the right place for such a simulated aircraft to be, there is so much we can do there, that currently we sit at a solid 80% accuracy for a simulated aircraft. Which in the aircraft simulation business, means it´s extremely accurate, and it´s not even completed yet!

Q. What are your simulators ?


A. If your question is what simulators I fly, I’m strictly into DCSW

Q. Will you be developing for P3D v4 and Xplane 11 ?


A. When we cut all military planes production for either FSX or P3D the message was clear: "we are moving on", but at the same time there were some planes in the development schedule that are strictly FSX/P3D projects, like the Emb-120, the Emb-190, ATR42, etc. which WILL be delivered at least for the latest P3D iteration, now there is also dovetail games simulator, so i think i´ll have to knock some doors in the future. But, as far as military planes projects, it´s DCSW only from now on.


Q. Any plans on making helicopters ?

A. For DCSW? you bet, we ran a poll, the results were pretty clear, so clear i disclosed what our 1st DCSW helicopter project might be

A huge thanks to Razbam for r talking to us at PCSimulators.org. We appreciate you talking time out to give us this fantastic article and awesome screenshots of the Harrier for our readers.


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