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X-Plane 11

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Xplane 11 Answers from Laminar research to www.PCSimulators.org

(more questions and answers will be added shortly so check back soon)

Q1 PCsimulators.org :Will any more planes be added to the default base game ?

Laminar Research :Yes, definitely. We have 3 or 4 or 5 more years of free updates to deliver and I’m sure that, at some point, new aircraft will be included.

Q2 PCsimulators.org : Is there any more work to be done on the flight model

Laminar Research : Yes. This work stared 34 years ago and has never stopped. 30 years from now we’ll still be working on the flight model - but we’ll be getting kinda old….:)

Q3 PCsimulators.org Is SLI supported, if not why has this again been left out ?

Laminar Research :Yes, its supported but not recommended as we find you’ll be better off w/ 2 video cards than one, Sir. X-Plane 11 will be better optimized for SLI in the future, as part of our free updates we’ll release.

Q4 PCsimulators.org :. All game controllers have id0 , are there plans to correct name and identify the controllers?

Laminar Research : Yes, in the future.

Q5 : Will more 3D airports be added with the updates in future?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q6 - Can i use all my old add-on scenery from xplane 10 ?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q7 - can I use my Xplane 10 aircraft ?
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q9 do i have to pay the full price for plane 11 if I have xplane 10
Laminar Research :Yes.

Q10 . does plane support VRS (vortex ring state) for helicopters ?
Laminar Research :verifying answer.

Screenshots for Xplane 11

Information on this page used with Permission from Laminar Reasearch.

X-plane 11 is due for realease in November 2016

So What's new in X-Plane 11 ?

A completely redesigned, intuitive user interface that makes setting up and editing your flight a breeze.

New effects engine for lighting, sounds, and explosions.
Realistic avionics: all planes are IFR-ready right out of the gate.
Busy, “living” airports with pushback tugs and roaming fuel trucks, able to service both your aircraft and the simulator’s AI planes.
New buildings & roads to better simulate European cities
Consistently usable 3-D cockpits and stunningly high-resolution exterior models for all included aircraft.

Video used with kind permission from Laminar Reasearch.


Overhauled fleet
Aircraft models that stand up to scrutiny, from the gear trucks to the rivets.
Brand new G1000
Many general aviation planes now feature a simulated Garmin 1000.
3-D cockpits
Every aircraft in the fleet comes with a beautiful, usable 3-D cockpit.
IFR-ready cockpits
Every 3-D cockpit is usable for instrument flight.


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