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REX Worldwide Airports HD Review

REX Worldwide Airports HD Review

lease Note :for mobile users you can acess a quick menu at the bottom of your screens, for desktop users you can access the quick menu from the left side of the screen

We were looking forward to this addon from REX who make the excellent REX Essentials plus Overdrive and soft Clouds for FSX and P3D, but is it worth buying? 

For the installation of REX Worldwide airports Read our guide here.

First of all we loaded up 3 default airports before applying any REX textures, then we applied the textures and reloaded the same airports to compare the differences.

Airport 1 - Charles de Gaulle, Paris France

Airport 2 - Amsterdam Schipol, The Netherlands

Airport 3 - Munich, Germany.


Configuring the textures

As below on the left there are various menus for adding textures to the various components from Main Terminals to Parking.


Along the bottom it shows you which number texture you used for each of the categories, for example if you click on Main Terminals, in the right hand side you can scroll through the various styles for the Main Terminals using the arrow keys. Once you are happy with a style you click the Add to Theme button and the texture number you selected will show in Main Terminals as above. The above example shows texture 2 as the selected texture under the heading Main Terminal (under current theme).

Do this for each of the buildings you want to change , once you have configured all the buildings you will get the following prompt to save your theme :


Rex worldwide airports will allow you to have multiple themes so as you can select different themes when you want.Type in a name for your theme and click OK. Once you do this you will see the following dialog box:


At this point it has NOT yet installed the textures, to do this you need to Click OK to proceed to install the chosen textures to your chosen simulator as above.

At this point we encountered the following error!



However after closing the above dialog , we were informed that all was successful as below ??




Charles de Gaulle Airport (1st image is default FSX, 2nd image is  REX worldwide aiports HD)



Amsterdam Schipol (1st image is default FSX, 2nd image is  REX worldwide aiports HD)

amsterdamdefault amsterdamrex


Munich Airport (1st image is default, 2nd image is REX, note the blue vehicles!)

munichdefault munichrex


We didnt see much difference in our tests but you can judge for yourself. Perhaps REX will improve this package but for us at the moment we do not think it's worth the extra cash. In our opinion it's best to buy a proper payware airport that you really want if you are after realism. 


PCSimulators.org Score 4/10