Hamburg SOLO VHH PVG 1994

20 vehicles of this type were acquired by the PVG company from Schenefeld near Hamburg in 1994. They featured a grey interior design, 4-speed automatic transmission, rpm indicator and ATRON ticketprinters with external terminals for passenger self-service in the back (upgraded 1999). Also, there was one car with air conditioning (# 0546) and one with driving school equipment (# 0548). Originally, all vehicles had the electric wheelchair ramp but they were replaced by manual flap ramps later because the electric was not working properly. In opposition to the buses from the HOCHBAHN, these do not have an ignition key but just the stock start button. All vehicles were put into service in Mai 1994 and sold in 2009 (except # 0548, it’s still in service by 2013). There is an alternative color scheme in blue which was applied on a few buses after the original advertisements had been removed.





Length: 11.910 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 2935 mm
Engine: 6 cylinders (row), horizontal, 11,9 l, four stroke direct injection, rated 2200 rpm, 157 kW = 213 HP
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Electronic speed limiter: ~90 kph
Unloaded weight: 10.350 kg
Gross load weight: 18.000 kg
Seats: 40+1, standing rooms: 59