The Virtual Journey - A Brief Introduction :

The virtual journey was an idea which came to me after using many different PC Simulators. As a little boy I grew up loving transport, trains, cars, planes, buses, ships etc. Now in the modern age we are able to try and drive these vehicles from the comfort of our own houses. We can fly planes and helicopters in FSX, Xplane and DCS, we can drive trains in Train Simulator, MSTS, Open Rails and OpenBVE, steer ships through the open oceans with Ship Simulator, drive buses with OMSI, drive coaches with Fernbus Simulator and ride on the underground with World Of Subways and OpenBVE.



The simulators featured so far in the virtual journey include

X-plane 10 - (Flight)
FSX - (Flight)
Train Simulator 2016/2017
OpenBVE (trains)
Open Rails (Trains)
Microsoft Train Simulator
European Ship Simulator
European Truck Simulator 2 (includes coaches)
World of Subways (Underground Trains)

Simulations to feature shortly
Omsi 2 (Buses)
Fernbus (Coaches)
Ship Simulator (World Ships)
X-Plane 11 (on release)
Aerofly FS2


Its an ambitious project and a lot of work has gone into making this virtual journey, lots of software used, various MODS and DLCs to link the destinations together to make for a more realistic Journey.

Many different world cities are visited along the way and I hope the viewers and readers get as much enjoyment from the journey as we had creating it. 


Enjoy the trip
Vito Caresimo for