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List of Simulation Games

List of Simulation Games

Simulation Games for the PC

What is a simulation or simulator?

A simulator tries to replicate real life. Flight Simulators for the PC for example are programmed to accurately simulate aircraft physics, flight dynamics and flight instruments. Flight Simulators are also used in real life to train Airline Pilots and other professions. Formula 1 drivers also use simulators to learn the tracks they will race on. In fact very recently Formula 1 has started a Championship for a virtual formula 1 Championship with the backing of famous teams such as Mclaren. In the airline industry, Lockheed Martin known for manufacturing many state of the art aircraft produce various versions of a flight Simulator called Prepar 3D or P3D.

In the early days of home computing, programmers did a remarkable job in bringing these simulators to computers with very little memory. In fact PSION flight simulator for the Sinclair ZX81 released in 1982 only had 1k to work with! Graphics were very basic.

Psion Flight Simulation cover Psion Flight Simulation on ZX81Psion Flight Simulation on ZX Spectrum

Nowadays we have external views, thousands of airports, diverse scenery and photo realistic graphics. Some categories like Racing and Flight have many simulators to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one to go for especially if you are on a budget. However there are free versions of some simulators. We are pcsimulators.org have produced a comprehensive list of simulators to let our readers see what is available, how much they cost and how they look through our video we have compiled for our official youtube channel here.


To accompany this list we have also produced a video with over 50 of the best simualtion games from PC in A to Z format. You can view the video by clicking the image below.



We have categorised the simulators under heading and also list the prices and links to the publishers. We hope to keep this list up to date. If you think there are details missing or need to be added to this article, we welcome any feedback and you can let us know by getting in touch with us via our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PCsimulatorgaming/ or send us an email via our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/c/pcsimulatorsorg.



We may refer to TRACKIR in the article at times. For those of you wondering what TRACKIR is, it is a device you can use to allow you to look around without using a mouse. One part of the device goes on you r monitor and the other on your headphones or a cap. When you move your head around it simulates the mouse look making it very convenient in flight and car simulation and eliminates the need for multiple monitors. For more on TRACKIR visit the official website by clicking the image below.



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