SD202-D88 (Ticket Printer)

SD202-D88 (Ticket Printer)

The 65 buses of D88 stock are the first SD202 to be suitable for wheelchair access, shown by the blue icon on the front. To achieve this, the former buggy stand was enlarged at the cost of two seats. Furthermore, the grab pole in the middle of the rear door was removed. The interior grab handles are now painted red and the MAN sign at the front has lost its dots. The D88 now features electrically operated doors and an improved gearbox control reducing fuel consumtpion by a very early upshift.

sd202 d88tpyt



- Technical Specifications -

Length: 11.450 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 4060 mm

Engine: MAN D2566UH, 150 kW at 2200 RPM
Gearbox: Voith D851.2
Maximum speed: 72 km/h

Empty weight: 10930 kg
Gross weight: 17.000 kg

Seats upper deck: 47
Seats lower deck: 32
Standing places: 10