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by Vito Caresimo 7/4/2016

I grew up in the dawn of the Home Computer, my first machine was the legendary ZX Spectrum which was followed by the then powerful Commodore 64.


Fifa International Soccer on the Commodore 64.

It was on the commodore 64 that I first sampled the very first FIFA game. It was called FIFA International. Countless hours were spent with my friend Dean and brother Mauro battling it out for supremacy.

However there was a massive flaw with the game, there was angle you could score from everytime(a diagonal) and this ruined the game eventually :-(. 

FIFA went on to be developed and improved year by year the 3DO version was the first Graphically impressive FIFA game we witnessed. The 3DO was a games console pre XBOX and Playstation and caused countless arguments and bad tempered games, FIFA can cause mild mannered people to go into a RAGE while playing lol.


Above FIFA 3DO console version.

The SEGA Mega Drive popularised FIFA even more, the console being one of th most popular consoles ever in the 90s. Even college lectures were skipped to play FIFA in the 90s as it became better graphically and more options added.


FIFA on the Sega Megadrive.

Present day FIFA has evolved to include many skill moves, animations, stadiums, teams and more. Who would have thought that in the 1980s that you would eventually get a football game that looks like reality. My late father commented once that he thought it was a real match on the TV! Thats how far the game has developed

FIFA 2015 as it is today!