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OpenBVE Simulator

OpenBVE a FREE train Simulator.

What is OpenBVE?

OpenBve is a great free train simulator, its been around for a number of years and has many routes available for free downoad. It was independently developed and written from scratch and not to be confused with BVE Trainsim.

The program is noted for its cab ambiance and realism. It is currently distributed in the public domain, along with full C# and C source code.

The main focus for OpenBve is the realism, the newer routes and trains contain detailed 3D cabins. Their website indicates "Compared to other simulators of the genre, especially compared to commercial games, openBVE has its main focus on realism, not necessarily on user-friendliness. You should be willing to study operational manuals for the routes and trains you want to drive, and will in many cases not get along by just memorizing a few keystrokes. If you can identify with this focus, openBVE might be the right simulator for you."

OpenBVE also tries to simulate forces upon baking and acceleration of a train, the sound system is easily comparable to any payware train simulator. It sounds authentic and atmospheric.

Community support is widespread for OpenBVE and you can easily google OpenBVE and a whole list of forums and download locations will be listed.


Currently OpenBVE runs on Windows, MAC and Linux systems, OpenBVE is available for FREE download at their website. 

Downloading and Installing OpenBVE

OpenBVE videos used for the Virtual Journey

Open BVE and the London Undergound Routes


Downloading and Installing OpenBVE

1) Download the OpenBVE setup here

2) After clicking on the above link Select your operating system (Windows/Linux/MAC) click the blue button with the version number written on it. The below image shows the windows installer version.



If you want to save it in your default location your browser points you to then CLICK Save, otherwise select the folder you wish to save the setup file to and then click save.

3) Locate the folder you saved the above setup file to and double click to launch the installer, if you get a windows User Access Control asking you if okay to run the installer click YES

4) You will then see the following dialog box:


5) If you are happy to install into the default folder as above click next otherwise click BROWSE and choose a folder of your own choice. 

6) If you want a shortcut on your desktop so you dont have to worry about finding it later to launch, left mouse click on the Create a Desktop Shortcut box. Once you click on this box a tick will be placed in it and the installer will place a shortcut to OpenBVE on

your desktop.


7) Click Next and if you are happy with you selections click install as in the dialog box below, if you want to change anything click BACK or if you want to abort installation click CANCEL.


8) Installation Complete. After a short while depending on your PC system specification the program will finish installing and you should see the following dialog box.


To run Open BVE click Finish or if you want to run it later untick the box where the tick is next to Launch OpenBVE and the click Finish. HOWEVER if you see the following box, don;t panic, simply click OK and the launcher will fetch the missing component, in this case OpenAl.


9) User access control will then ask you if you want to allow installation of OpenAL click OK if you wish to proceed.

10) After allowing user access control to install OpenAL you will see the following dialog box:


Click OK to install, it should take seconds and then you will see the following confirmation


11) After a few seconds if you selected Launch OpenBVE in STEP 8 above you should see the OpenBVE screen. If not look for the OpenBVE icon on your desktop or look in your START menu to locate it.


Open BVE and the London Undergound Routes

There are many underground routes available for OpenBVE here. Below are some screenshots of the Central line and Waterlook and City Line.

OpenBVE Central Line Screenshots

arriiving at bank on the central line during the virtual journey with openbve  chancery lane stop on the virtual journey with openbve

openbve at tottenham court road central line   oxford circus virtual journey leg 10

OpenBVE Waterloo and City Line Screenshots

approaching waterloo underground station on the virtual journey   Copy  at waterloo station with openbve   Copy