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American Truck Simulator

Let's Play and review of American Truck Simulator by Vito Caresimo 2/5/2016

February 16th saw the release of the American Version of Truck Simulator, we've already got Euro Truck Simulator 2 which has been around for a while now and proven a very popular simulator with lots of Mods , Addons and a huge community.

On loading the Sim you are asked to create a new profile, choose a photo, a truck preference and then choose your control method and gear preference.




I was using a Logitech G27 wheel and pedals for this review and the simulator cleverly sets up what I needed without me needing to go in and change the main truck contols like the accelerator and brakes. The game was intelligent enough to know which controls to map to the steering wheel and pedals attached. Another positive is TRACKIR , the head movement software and hardware is supported. This allows you to place a clip on a cap or on your headset so that when you move your head around, the game detects this and you can look around instead of using the mouse. Such an essential piece of hardware that enriches any simulator on the PC.

Moving on, after creating your profile and confirming you controls and gear options you are asked if you want to go through the tutorial. I recommend you take a quick look at this even if you have already driven Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The tutorial is interactive, very informative and useful and it only takes a few minutes to go through.

Once youve completed the tutorial you should have enough info to set off on your first job. You start off in your cabin, looking around the attention to detail is second to none, my truck had a classy magogany dashboard, built in GPS and what seemed like a quilted padding! Viewing the truck from outside, you couldnt miss the shiny chrome exhausts and bumper,s so polished and realistic, again amazing realism!


 The magohany dashboard.....Classy!

You won't ne disapointed with the number of views available either from lean out views to help you reverse to drive by views and roof cameras, you wont be short of that perfect view.

The route advisor is your handy companion for your career, it contains the GPS to help you get to your destination, allows you to call for help if you break down and displays lots of other very useful information such as distance left, damage to vehicle, time and many more. You will be using the route advisor constantly. To navigate through the pages of the route advisor you will use the F3, F5 (this zooms in and out of the GPS map view) , F6 and F7 keys. 

Now that the most important aspects are covered you can begin driving The towns seem alive, pedestrians walking down the streets, cars packed on the kerbs, realistic buildings and houses, intelligent AI vehicles. Even the classic American Police cars are patrolling the streets. Outside the city in the countryside you will see many different varieties of vegetation, tress, hedges, mountains, hills and the landscape is simply stunning. I even stopped my truck to look at the amazing coastline and beech!


Driving the truck may get some getting used to if you havent played a truck simulator before byut you have plenty of aids to help you. You have options to use various gearboxes so you can choose the one that suits you best. I chose the Real Automatic gearbox, youll be suprised to see just how m any gears a truck has so probably best to choose automatic!


Doing missions is failry straightforward, you follow the GPS to your destination and once you arrive you have the options of manually parking the trailer where you will be rewarded with extra points or simply get the PC to park it for you to end your journey where you wont get any bonus points. Any damage to the cargo and skipping red lights or speeding will result in penalties and fines which will be deducted from your income.


At first as you havent got much income you need to work for other companies and once you have enough money you can buy your own truck and concentrate on your own business. The Radio options are still there and you can point to a folder on your hard drive to listen to music you own or if you wish you can select an Internet Radio channel to listen to your favorite tunes while driving. The are plenty of internet radio stations available covering many different music categories such as 70s and 80s, classical and modern day music.


American Truck Simulator is currently on steam for £14.99 and it is very well worth it. This is one of the best PC simulators available, simple to lauch and start driving, amazing graphics, authentic american towns, stunning landscapes, awesome detailed trucks and so much more. 


PCSimulators.org rating 9.5/10





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